Delonzo Rhyne's journey began in the late1930's. He was born in Moscow TN to a sharecroppers family. Growing up he always had a knack for building things. He soon wanted more than his humble beginnings could give him, so with family's blessing he left home. He left with $4:00 in his pocket, which his mother had given him and headed north to accomplish his dreams. He worked hard for many years and in 1968 in was able to open his own business (R&R Body Shop). He had a special passion for the Ford Mustang after buying his first Mustang, a 1964 1/2 Coupe. It was apparent then that he would be successful as he always required high standards in the repair, restoration, and painting of the cars that he worked on. In 1971, he moved into the current building with 3 Mustangs. Then in 1977 with having over 140 Mustangs behind his shop, Delonzo decided that it was time to focus on his real passion which was the repair and restoration of the classic Mustang.  In 1985, he incorporated and the business became  Triple R Mustang Ranch. Over the years Delonzo has repaired and/or restored over 100 Mustangs. He has alot of NOS and used parts and uni-bodies on the shelf that are ready to paint and assemble that can be purchased with a core. He is very interested in preserving the Mustang and would like to help you to get your Mustang done and on the road for all to see.

In the coming months, we will be adding lots of content to our website so check back often. Please contact us if you are looking for hard to find parts as our inventory is varied and numerous.                            


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